greek festival

Last weekend we went up to the greek festival! I was SO excited because Greece was one of my absolute favorite places when I was in Europe! It seemed like all we did in Greece was eat, and guess what… that's really all we did at this festival! Okay, well we did get to see some authentic Greek dances, which was cool.

Gyros… my favorite ever!


Good food, great friends, fun times!

trail mix

Today I was SO EXCITED because we got to go on a trail ride!! And when I say we, I mean Michael and Karl and I!  I was really anticipating being out in the woods and enjoying nature and all, but I think the most exciting part of the whole thing was that Michael and Karl finally got to ride too! It's fun when your family gets to do something that you really really love doing.

Another really exciting fact is that the majority of the horses used for this program are rescues! Why not take a good horse and give him a job?

This was Karl's first time riding a horse. Michael has been on a couple times, but he already knows a lot just from watching me learn. No kidding, this guy is very observant!

Karl had a little cutie named Ace!

Michael had an Arab named Jin! Sweet sweet boy.

And I had Carmen! I was a little nervous when one of the ladies in charge warned me that Carmen hates pretty much every other horse, so I had to keep her away from everyone else! I guess they considered me "experienced", but I handled her just fine and nothing bad happened! Success!

We were out there for an hour, but it felt like 10 minutes.



A few days ago I was finally blessed with the opportunity to witness a live birth! I've studied it for many of my classes and watched it many times on video, but never had seen it in real life! Lelia was out at the beef barn watching the pregnant mama cows, and boy did she see a lot of action! There were three calves born within a couple of hours- and I was so glad she invited me out to watch the third one!

Just look at the cute little one!

I took video, but please don't watch it if you get queasy easily!


take me out to the [horse!] games

About week and a half ago I had the opportunity to ride in a "fun" horse show. Now, when I say the word "fun", I actually mean that it was a goofy show full of crazy races and challenges! Of course I rode my favorite boy Rae, and Lelia was my partner for two of the races. In one of them, Rae and I had to race down to the end of the arena, then Lelia had to jump on, and we had to race back.

The other partner race was called "Baby Bottle" and consisted of me trying to feed Lelia Koolaid while she sat behind me. We looked pretty goofy!

We also ran the barrels (yes, in an English saddle!) and did some bobbing-for-apples and a carrot race.

At the end of it all, I ended up riding bareback! The objective was to keep a dollar between your knee and the horse. We got second place! Honestly I was suprised we stayed in the contest so long because I had never ridden bareback before!