On Friday night Michael picked me up from work and we were headed off to Lexington to surprise Lelia at her horse show! We even had dinner in the car on our way because there was no way we wanted to miss this!

We found the barn she was in (which really was a miracle, this place was huge and had probably 50 barns!) and peeked around the corner. She sure was surprised!

I found out I love watching Saddlebred shows. The way they move is just gorgeous and I had a lot of fun just taking pictures!

It was night by the time Lelia showed, so I struggled a little with the camera but overall I'd say the results weren't bad.


As graduation was nearing, we decided that some new furniture would be a good investment. So we went to about a million places, I looked at a zillion websites, and still I couldn't decide on anything!

Finally one day I found something I loved. Of course, I had to think about it for at least a week before we could do anything because I am not an impulse buyer!

I kept going back to this beautiful couch. It was gray in the store but once I knew I could choose another color, I was willing to wait for it. It finally came this month!

I picked out the fabric for the pillows, too!

And since my favorite place to sit has always been our old recliner, we got a new one. Sooo comfy!

Now I just need some things on the walls!

open wiiiide

Two days ago I ordered a wide-angle lens for my Canon T2i, and it already arrived today! I was so excited that I even resisted taking a nap when I got off of work today so I would be sure not to miss the UPS guy.

Seems like I can never win when I'm up against fatigue- I ended up dozing with my head on the dining room table. Sure enough, that's when the knock at the door came.

I couldn't resist playing with my new toy, so now you get to enjoy the product!

And I ran into Erica and Atla! I've been walking Atla on some afternoons during the summer. You better believe I made her model for me!

so blue

Yesterday evening we were invited to go blueberry picking with Rory and Lauren from church! We had so much fun! Even though I don't eat blueberries, it was still fun to pick them and goof around while doing it!

We even found a little bunny!

And ran into a fun puppy!

What a fun way to spend a Saturday evening =)

independence day

We didn't do very much this 4th of July- mostly because Michael went to work, and I had to work the midnight shift, so when I returned home I slept until about noon. I had planned to try out my cake-decorating tools, go to a barbecue, and even the fireworks. So much for productivity!

Lucky for us, we discovered we could watch the fireworks from our porch. Credit for the photos goes to Michael =)

Nothing like standing out on the porch barefoot, swallowed up by the pitch black sky, next to your best friend. I'm thankful for little moments like that.