play ball!

Some days, you just have to leave all the work behind and spend time with your best friend.

Today we went for a drive (yes, I was driving… don't start screaming in terror or anything!). We went to the furniture store just to walk around and fantasize about what we would buy if we were actually shopping! It is a bit of a relief to know that we have similar tastes in furniture, though…

Then we went to Dairy Queen to get Blizzards! If you know me, you already know that I chose… chocolate! with little chocolate candies in it, of course. We also went to Target to pick up a baseball glove for me!

He said I played better than he expected, which probably means he thought I'd give him a concussion or something. All's well that ends well.

bon anniversaire à… moi!!

Another year has flown by! Michael and my buddy Lelia made my birthday fantastic, despite the fact that I had to go on a 12-hour long (6 hours of driving) fieldtrip the same day! Michael and I went out to pick up my birthday food of choice- pizza!- and when we returned, Lelia was there with an ice cream cake on the table and a horse balloon floating over my presents! WOW! It was a nice little celebration.

Coldstone cake!

I don't know who was actually more excited about the birthday surprise Michael had planned. And please notice the horse balloon in the background!

The most fun card ever! It sings "Boogie Fever!"

And then my big surprise- riding lessons from Michael AND breeches and gloves from Lelia!!! I'm so excited and very grateful.

Other highlights included a horse clock from my mom and "Secretariat" the movie from Michael's mom! What could be better than a horsey birthday? Only a horsey birthday with your two best friends, of course!

cycle of life

You know, everyone grows up eventually, and there comes a time that we all have to say goodbye to the bike we got when we were twelve years old.

My little old bike stopped functioning, and Michael decided it was time for me to get a "big-girl" bike.

Now that I have a comfortable (aka "fitting") bike, I can't wait to go on rides with my buddy!

windy wednesday

Today the weather forecast warned of "winds with gusts of up to 55mph". In general, I think I handle whatever weather comes my way pretty well, but this still made it pretty difficult to ride my bike. Now, you might be wondering, WHO on EARTH would ride their bike on a day like THIS?!

A horse-crazy person.

But how could I pass up seeing this sweet face? This is my favorite boy, Jasper! Admit it, I know you want to kiss him. You know you do.

going back

It's always right about this time of year that I really miss the experiences I had studying abroad in Switzerland. I made great friends, learned a whole lot about myself, and truly realized what my relationship with God is- sure, we're His sons and daughters, but He is also our Friend. Even when I didn't know any of my classmates, I knew I wasn't alone.

My love for running also developed in that small Swiss town. There wasn't a gym, and I had to fit into my wedding dress when I returned back to the States, so I had to do something! While exercising, I would always smell the chimney smoke in the brisk winter air, and even now that scent drops me right back to those days. In the mornings, I'd often run past two very old men speed-walking. Sometimes on my way to the barn now, I pass two elderly American men, walking down the path to get some exercise. Maybe Americans and Europeans aren't completely different after all?

I miss…

Our big yellow villa.

Our street, the palm trees, the old church, and an elementary school.

Taking the train and admiring Les Alpes out the window.

Italian & Swiss-Italian cuisine.

And real gelato (Nutella flavor, stracciatella, after eight… mmm!)

I guess I'll just have to visit in my dreams, until we can go back again someday!