Lately, I keep finding myself stuck in one moment, wishing that everything could stay just as it is now. We both just started our last semester as undergraduates, and it just doesn't seem real. In less than four months, everything will be completely different. School will no longer be a part of my life, but I have no idea what will take its place!

Maybe I'm unsure of the future, but I do know that:

1. My husband will always be a goofball (please note his peeling skin because he forgot sunscreen!)

2. He'll always know how to make me smile.

3. Juni will always be pleasantly plump (hey, that's just more of her to kiss!)

4. Maggie will always try to eat my hair, and she will always look like a hairy mop. (She'll always love her chin scritches, too!)

5. I will never like hamburgers, so poor deprived Michael will just have to continue to rely on Red Robin.

6. My closet will probably not stay this clean! (this completes another goal for Celestial University!)

So there you have it! Even when life gets uncertain, it's fabulous to have a few constants. Right…

my kids

Everyone likes to spoil their kids, right? Well, I do too! Of course, my kids just happen to be guinea pigs. I bet you saw that one coming, didn't you?

Anyway, being the guinea pig enthusiast I am, I frequent a certain website where a bunch of other piggy-lovers put pictures and stories of their furry kids. Someone posted a picture of their pig adorably snuggling with a caterpillar stuffed animal, and after seeing that I just knew that Maggie and Juni needed to have one. Out to the dollar store we went, and luckily for my poor deprived little piggies, there were still plenty of caterpillars left to choose from.

Maggie's fallen head over heels caterpillar.


Just after Christmastime, I made a goal to start eating healthier. Sure, I work out and all, but what good is that if I put food into my body that isn't what's best for it? I needed to figure out what a healthy diet really was, so what better way to find out than paying a long-overdue visit to my old friend, the Food Pyramid?

                                     (image from

Wait, what's that you said? That's NOT the real food pyramid?! Fruits? Vegetables? What are those?!

Realistically, I am aiming to somehow add more "good food" to our regular diet. But, well… chocolate just might get in the way. How can you resist these muffins?

If you've lost all willpower, you can find the recipe here… but be sure to add extra cocoa!

where, oh where, have we been?

Have you missed me and my ridiculous blog posts? No? Well, I'm back anyway. We took a week-long Christmas vacation to visit our families, which was both incredibly fun AND incredibly busy! In total we ended up traveling about 900 miles. Here are some of the things we did:

1. We went to three sealings at the Washington D.C. LDS Temple! Congratulations Kevin and GiGi (pictured below), Brianna and Nathan, and Chris and Cerina! The ceremonies were beautiful, as were all the brides. I love going to a sealing, because it is an amazing reminder of how special my marriage truly is. We will always be a family…forever!

2. We saw our buddies Lelia and Murray! We did a practice photoshoot, but it was freezing and the sun was terrible, so it was a miracle we got any good photos. They were really good sports despite the freezing weather, and I was glad to spend some time with them since we won't really get to see them again over the break from school. Aren't they cute?

3. We made gingerbread cookies… again! This is a tradition my parents started, and I can't remember a Christmas without it. This year, Michael and I decorated gingerbreads three times- but it still never got old! What made these even better were the new cookie cutters I got from GiGi for Christmas. There are 101 different shapes, so please notice the football, puppy, and stegosaurus cookies.

4. I ate this entire turkey myself. Okay, okay, not ALL of it. But some of it. Both our moms are the two best cooks ever. Commence drooling!

5. We drove through a huge snowstorm! We truly had a white Christmas, and it continued snowing the entire next day. I think we had at least 9 inches.

I'm very grateful that we were able to celebrate Christmas with our families. No other people on the entire planet are as precious to me as the family I was blessed to get.