happy 5th birthday Maggie!

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Okay, so her real birthday remains unknown, but she most likely was born around this time of year, since I got her in January 2006. Maybe you'll think this is tacky, but it was love at first sight for her and I. That tiny fluffball instantly became one of my very best friends. How couldn't she be, when she will always snuggle and purr and listen to me for hours on end?

Happy birthday to my little "Maggamuffin", carrot-loving, chatterbox pig. You will always be my favorite hairy mop!

busy busy beavers

With Christmas and all the wedding stuff coming up, today was a crazy day of cleaning, laundry, and finishing of my secret project! This is all I can show you right now… which really isn't anything at all!

Today might have been a little stressful, but last night Michael took me out on the first real date we've had in a long time. I had so much fun! First, we went over to Michael's favorite store (obviously, this would be Best Buy) and he went straight to the Wii games section. When I told him we weren't buying anything, he pulled a $35 coupon out of his pocket! We went for the new "Wii Party" without question.

Next date stop: the movies! We had a free movie ticket from buying cereal, so why not? We saw "Tangled", and it was so cute and hilarious! The horse had to be one of the best parts. Last of all, we ate Chinese for dinner and played Wii! It was fabulous to just relax and laugh. I love my buddy!

major award

Remember when Maggie won the photo contest back in September? Well, her handmade, custom prize came in the mail a few days ago! I love it… but who wouldn't love hot pink tiger stripes?

As the dad on A Christmas Story says, it's a "major award"!

In other news, school is OVER! My last exam was on Tuesday, and Michael's was yesterday. Now I just need to finish making all my Christmas presents and get ready for a million photoshoots!

P.S.- We are having a blizzard here!

cool award

I feel like the coolest girl in the whole world right now. In fact, if there were an award, I'd definitely win it. Now, I bet you're trying to figure out how you can be this cool, aren't ya? Well let me just tell you…

1. According to the weather channel, it "feels like" 1 degree Fahrenheit outside right now. Instead of being "cold", I'm "cool" by being warm. My secret? Sweatpants under the jeans! Sure, people might think you've been eating too many gingerbread cookies, but who cares if you don't feel that 21mph (or stronger!) wind gust?

Just in case you wanted to try this new fashion yourself, I modeled it for you to be sure you get it right.

2. Last night, one of my girls from Activity/Achievement Days stopped by with her dad, and surprised me with brownies and a little ornament she made herself! That really made my day. I think this one makes me feel more "loved" than plain old "cool". She did a great job on the ornament too!

3. Two exams down, and just one to go! I really can't believe how quickly this semester went, but I sure feel like I've learned a whole lot, both academically and about myself.

11 days!

2 and 12

Only 2 days of finals left! This feels a bit like a sprint at the end of a really long run, and hopefully it will feel just that good once it's over. I am truly excited for Christmas break, because a lot of really awesome things are happening: Michael's brother Kevin is getting married, and so are a bunch of our friends! We'll get to be up at the temple for three different weddings! Isn't that so exciting?

I am also going to have a lot of opportunities to practice my photography. I'm doing a photoshoot with my buddy Lelia, then GiGi's bridal portraits, and then her and Kevin's actual wedding! I'm pretty nervous for that last one, but I'm still really excited.

Hopefully I'll get to do a lot of fun crafty stuff too… but I can't really tell or show you yet, since some of those things are Christmas presents. Yesterday I found  a pattern for making "Toothless" (from How to Train Your Dragon), and I definitely can't wait to try it. It looks a bit difficult, but it'll be a good challenge.

Also… Two years ago today was the day Michael proposed and put a ring on my finger. Love you sweetie!

And, last but not least, Juni would like to remind everyone that she is NOT fat.

12 days till Christmas!

gingerbread madness

This weekend was so much fun! On Friday, my buddy Lelia came over! We went to the Christmas Parade, ate homemade pizza, decorated gingerbread cookies and watched "A Christmas Story". How can it get better than that?

Check out our cookies! I'm very happy with the way these turned out, since it was my first time ever doing gingerbreads. They tasted just like my mom's!


And I gave Lelia her Christmas present, which was a purse I made (with Michael's mom's guidance 🙂 I am pretty pleased with how cute it turned out!

Only 9 more days until school is out!

19 days until Christmas!

fa la la la la!

Our Christmas tree is up! If I dare say so myself, I don't think it's half bad. At least we have more ornaments than just the dollar store ones this year!

One of my favorite ornaments… a gingerbread church!

I think Michael was a little tired of all my picture taking…

Oh well! Only 23 days to go!