what makes taking tests fun?

Honestly, there's nothing that can actually make a test fun. Sorry if I got your hopes up! But sometimes studying for them doesn't have to be so bad…

Yesterday I had to study for the two exams I took today. But look what a certain someone left on the doorstep for me to make my day infinitely better:

Michael is so thoughtful and does some pretty great surprises, huh?

higher learnin’

As usual, life has been so crazy!! Michael has been working even more hours at work, and I've started working at the horse barn! I've had some pretty great experiences out there, but I think I'll save that for another post.

So, since you're already here, I'm sure you're just dying to hear about all the other cool stuff I've been doing instead of blogging, hmm?

Well, I've learned about carcass grading for both cattle and sheep. If you're normal, you are probably mentally screaming "ewwww!" right now. We first looked at the live animals and estimated what we thought the carcass values would be, and then we evaluated the actual carcasses. It isn't my favorite thing to do, but it does help you understand what a good animal should be and what you're actually eating.

Last week I practiced (under vet supervision of course) giving injections to horses. They were all intramuscular, so it wasn't very difficult, and all the horses behaved well. Afterward, my class got to watch a horse have his teeth floated, which is something I've never seen before! Nowadays they have an electric floater that looks a lot like a drill, so there's less pain and damage to the horse's mouth afterward.

My pigs are so excited for Halloween… can't you tell?

pumpkin patch

Michael's side of the family came to spend the weekend with us this past weekend! We had so much fun eating Chinese food, going to the movies, and pumpkin picking! I'm pretty spoiled, since those are all things I wanted to do! Oops.

At the pumpkin patch, we saw these cute little miniature horses! I had to pet one, of course.

Then we went through a corn maze, which would have been a lot scarier if they hadn't given us a map!

At least Michael pretended to be scared, for just a minute.

Then we saw some cute animals… like this miniature donkey!

And of course we picked a pumpkin.

my sweetie

Yesterday, Michael got me a puppy! Okay, well…he isn't real. But isn't Michael so sweet and thoughtful?

Today we watched General Conference. I love this time of year, because I love hearing counsel and guidance that is particularly for the time period we live in =)

Michael also thinks Juni is getting fat… Here she is after her bath!