if you feel stressed…

Try some cardboard therapy. Just gnaw, chew, rip!

This week has been crazy… I had 3 exams! At least those are over, but now I have to start thinking about writing papers and my lab practical next week. Ahhh!

I'm so grateful for my wonderful husband, who helps take care of me when I don't always know what's best for myself. He makes so many sacrifices for me, like giving up his lunch hour last week just so he could drive me out to the barn to process my calf. I love him so much.

Speaking of processing my calf… I was assigned a cow, and once she gave birth I got to go out to help "process" it, which basically means just hold it while it gets an eartag, ear tattoos, nasalgen, and is weighed. My sweet little Angus heifer calf was just 62 pounds! Newborn calves are the best, because you can just pick them up and go where you want, without worrying about getting hurt…unless you're in the pen with the mama cow!

horsin’ around

On Thursday, my good friend Lelia let me go out to the barn with her to take some photos for my class. Really, this was just homework! Okay, okay… I LOVED it! But who wouldn't love playing with horses, especially when several foals want to come right up to you!

So, here are just a few of my best photos.



Baby Felix!

Felix and his buddies followed me around, tried to eat my shirt, and just loved getting pet!


So many people voted for Maggie in the photo contest I entered her in! The theme was "Back to School", and we won for "Best Overall Photo" ! Thank you so much to everyone who voted!

Here's the winning photo:

I've still been at the barn a lot this semester. On Monday night, I did "Ewe Watch", which was basically just watching for and helping with delivering lambs. We had a couple ewes in Stage 1 of labor, but we didn't see any progression into Stage 2, so it was a very calm night. It was fun watching all the other little lambs though. I didn't have my camera, so these are from my cell phone… but isn't that lamb so cute, standing on her mama?

We were watching them, and they were watching us too!

what I love

Stepping into the barn on a cool day and smelling the horses makes me come alive. The last couple days, I've been able to be out at the barn and get some real hands-on experience. Touching the horses and helping to take care of them has changed what is usually just part of my imagination into reality.

Part of my job yesterday was to turn horses out. I walked into Bond's stall, and he put his head right up against my chest, just waiting for me to put his halter on. In that moment, I knew I was in love. You would be too!

Right now, my horse experience is pretty limited, but I've loved them for what seems like forever. And I sure do love riding and working with them when I get the chance!


Two days ago, I went to the grocery store (wow!!) When I walked in, I forgot to grab a basket, so I ended up carrying an armful of lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots to the check-out. Of course, I was buying all these precious vegetables to maintain a perfectly-balanced diet and good health.

Just not… my health.

Yes, I confess, I am an undercover, in-disguise, deceptive vegetable-buyer.

It's not that I don't eat vegetables, because I do.

It's just that well… almost all of those vegetables were for my pigs!

Yesterday was also our two-year anniversary since we started dating! Two years have really flown by. I am so blessed to have my buddy! 

And, Maggie is going to be in a photo contest starting tomorrow! So keep your eyes peeled so you can VOTE for her to win!

Corny Sheep Garden

This weekend was so much fun! We are only a few weeks into the new school year, but I have already been stressed out quite a bit. So, it was great to take a break, spend some time with my sweetie and an awesome friend, too!

On Friday night, Michael and I went on a date to Olive Garden (we had a gift card from our way cool friends, Erik and Erica!) We had a wonderful time just talking about now, and talking about the future. After this year, school will be over for both of us! It is a little scary not knowing exactly what you'll be doing one year from now.

Saturday morning, we went to the local sheep sale! You might think I'm just obsessed with sheep, but I went for the extra credit, really! Anyway, it was lots of fun, and here is a photo of the top-selling animal, a suffolk ram (he's standing right in front)!

After church today, we took a 4-hour nap. Wow. And then I made corn muffins, but the recipe was new and it didn't really make what I was looking for.

growing up

There comes a time in every little shower curtain's life when it knows it has to leave the old behind… and grow up.

It has to say goodbye to the childish dolphins of yesterday…


And say hello to the sophisticated, elegant stripes of today!