happy anniversary juni!

Today marks one year since we adopted little Juniper and brought her home to live with us! Juni is such a special girl with a blossoming personality, and I'm so glad I get to be her "mommy".

When she first arrived, she was so shy, easily frightened, and didn't even know how to cuddle! She wouldn't even talk when being pet or asked if she wanted food. Now, although quiet, we've actually heard her voice. She'll curl up in your lap and even kiss your finger when you ask.

Her favorite food of all time is definitely timothy hay (she even likes it more than fresh veggies… weird, I know!). As far as vegetables, her favorite would have to be carrots. She'll fish one out of her bowl and run into her house to eat it before Maggie can get it!

The funniest thing about Juni is that when she gets very excited, she'll squeal AND flap her ears!

Today she had a "carrot cupcake" to celebrate.

Happy 1st anniversary sweet girl!

14 months <3

Today makes 14 months since we were married in the LDS Washington D.C. Temple.

Michael's Grandpa visited last weekend and gave us a CD of the photos he took at our ring ceremony and reception. I played around with this one so I just figured I would post it up here. After all, it is our 14-month anniversary, which is obviously monumental… right?

I love you sweetie.

hey hay

A guinea pig once told me

"Hay's my favorite thing, you see?

I need to eat it constantly

to help wear down my growing teeth.

It also helps me to digest

I won't say more, you know the rest.

But as my mom, you get upset

all this hay! it makes you fret.

Hay, hay, it is everywhere

on your food, or in your hair.

It's covering the entire floor,

how could a piggy ask for more?

In your backpack, or on your bed

under the couch; atop your head!

Maybe even in the bath

it always gets in your path!

Somehow you don't mind the hay,

since I'm so cute, it's okay!"

Yeah, I really just wrote a whole poem (and post) about hay. But how can I ignore it when I have a 50-pound box in my closet and my girls are constantly begging for it?

cupcake mania

In the past two weeks I have made quite a lot of cupcakes… and by "a lot", I mean more than I've made in the past year.

This cool (yet inaccurate) flag was for 4th of July.

And these slime green ones were for my Activity Days girls this week. They were gone in probably under 10 minutes.

4th of July!!!

For the holiday weekend, we went to Michael's Grandma's house to meet up with the rest of the family… and our recently-returned missionary brother, Kevin!! He just arrived home last Tuesday, so I hadn't actually met him yet.

But he was so much fun!

Like any good brother should, he ate half of my food.

Their grandma has about a zillion pets… so I was in heaven! I was also given the honor of meeting the world's fattest cat.

Meet Max.

We also met Coffee… but we decided he looked more like a Bruce!

He was obsessed with fireworks.

And Michael and Kevin had quite the party with their sparklers…

what makes me run faster

1. vicious little dogs who chase me down the street

2. any insect with a stinger swarming around my head

3. the garbage truck

4. innocent by-standers

5. cars coming down the street that I'm about to cross

6. 20-degree or below weather

7. rain

8. someone running in front of me

9. bad smells

10. thinking about guinea pigs

So, now you know how to have the perfect workout. Combine any, or ALL, of these things and you'll be fit as a fiddle in no time… maybe. =)