red robin and 1.5 feet o’ snow

Well, it's Sunday, but it sure doesn't feel like it, because today Church was canceled due to the foot and a half of snow we received! Whoa. So this winter, we've had about 3 feet of snow total. Global warming… pffff.

Yesterday, the store didn't close before my shift started at 9am, so I trudged there in the snow. I was the only employee to show up besides one manager, and two hours later, we closed. So back home I went! It was good to have a day to work on some homework and do a little baking- Michael was happy because I made both brownies and rolls from scratch =)

I also did some photo fixing-up yesterday, which is why you see a wedding photo up there.

About a week ago, we went to Red Robin to celebrate our 8 month anniversary of being married! It was my first time there, and despite the fact that it's really a burger joint and I hate burgers, I did enjoy myself… probably because I ate a chicken wrap. Haha! Anyway, our date nights always turn out great so that's no surprise.

Oh! school started since the last time I wrote on here. It's crazy busy so far (Michael thinks this will be his hardest semester thus far, and I'm taking 17 credits, trying to play catch-up with my double-major). But it is nonetheless fabulous. I'm learning a ton of things I'm going to need to know if I want a farm of my own one day. Which, I do! I'm also thinking of being on the Horse Judging Team this year… we'll see what happens!

12 days until my birthday!!

roller skating and betty crocker

On Thursday I had a great idea for a date night. But I didn't tell Michael- it was a surprise! 

I remembered going roller skating around here about 3 years ago and thought it would be fun to go back. Of course I was a little nervous because well, I haven't done it in three years and I'm pretty accident prone! Luckily, I still had enough guts to go through with it and when we got there Michael was thrilled! Unbeknownst to me, he absolutely LOVES skating. Go figure.

It took me a little while to get back into it, but Michael was there holding my hand and encouraging me the whole way- which is what made is a fabulous date-night activity. I was worried there wouldn't be enough one on one interaction to really consider it time together, but he looked out for me and we goofed off lots, so it worked out perfectly. By the end of the night, I was practically an Olympic skater. Ok, well, maybe just a pro-skater… er, well, I could go forward!

 A couple weeks ago I decided to try my hand at making rolls. The recipe I chose was called "To Die For Crescent Rolls". Let's just say that the title was a little misleading. I'm more than decent at baking, and these rolls just didn't turn out right. The recipe had some flaws, so tonight I turned to my good ol' friend Betty Crocker… most of her recipes work out, but I've been disappointed a couple times. Anyway, the roll recipe turned out fantastic! The dough was easy to work with, and in the end I ended up with fluffy, mouth-watering  (well, Michael's mouth was watering) rolls. I'm just glad to say that I now have bread-making under my belt! (and if I keep eating bread, I guess I'll have a few more pounds under my belt as well… ha!)

And, Juni says hello to you!

end of break!

Five days until we go back to school! I'm pretty excited to get this semester rolling, since it will be the hardest of the 3 I have left. And, I am glad to officially be back in Animal Science! =)

Not too much has been going on besides work… I caught some stomach flu bug and called in sick on Tuesday. Thankfully, it only lasted about 24 hours and now I'm back to normal (er… well, normal for me, anyway!), just a bit sleepy.

I've been practicing sewing a little… here's Scruffy wearing his brand-new shirt!

I guess I'm pretty goofy, but the thing I worry about most when I'm sick is infecting my piggies. Guineas pigs are used in labs to study disease, so they can catch something from me. So, their cage was two days overdue to get cleaned, but I did it this morning and gave them the new blanket their "grandma" (aka my mom) gave them for Christmas. They love it so much that they keep trying to burrow under it (ahhh!)

Where are the piggies?

Oh! there they are! I spy 2 pigs!

What can I say, she sure loves getting her daily intake of fiber!


Well, happy 2010 everyone! It's amazing to take a moment and contemplate all the wonderful things that have happened during the last year, and especially this last decade.

Our holidays were fantastic (sadly, I don't have any photos for you right now because I'm on a library computer)… On Christmas Eve, we went to Michael's grandparents' house for the huge family get-together. We had food and re-enacted the Nativity story. I was the "star"… so basically, I got to stand in the corner and shine the flashlight. But hey, it's tough work being the star of the show!

That night we went to my family's house where we goofed off a lot, and later opened up our "Christmas jammies". Michael and Karl received matching "Virginia Tech" ones. Now they're practically twins! 

Christmas day was wonderful. It was refreshing to be with my family again, since I haven't seen them since August. On Christmas morning, I was so excited to give my mom the gift I had made for her (a sewn snowlady pilgrim… she collects snowmen). When she opened it, she smiled widely with joy. She was pretty impressed that I sewed it myself… and ironically, she gave me a sewing machine. How lucky! I'm really looking forward to using it and increasing my skills.

We all watched "A Dog Named Christmas" that night. I hadn't yet seen it, and I'd definitely recommend watching it if you're in the mood for something heart-warming.

The next day we went to Michael's parents' home and just relaxed and had fun. The best part was when his Mom helped me sew Michael some pajama pants! It didn't turn out bad for my first try.

Well, the holidays are over now, but that doesn't mean we should stop seeking the special Spirit we feel during this time. Giving and caring for others shouldn't stop when January 1st rolls around. We can have the Spirit with us as we seek to serve and be more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.