Turkey day weekend!!

This Thanksgiving was awesome because we were lucky enough to visit Michael's family from Wednesday evening until Sunday!  Michael's hand was glued to a Wii remote… go figure.  We did have a few "battles" against each other, but sadly I was not victorious in anything =(

Thanksgiving dinner was yummy! Mmmm mmm. I was exposed to what is probably the best dessert ever: chocolate mint freeze.  I love it, and so does the rest of the family- an entire pyrex dish of it was gone in less than 24 hours.

I also got to help Michael's Mom make some candy!! It was a great learning opportunity for me, since I've never done anything like that before.  We made peppermint bark and peanut clusters.

And, for the first time ever, in my entire life, I went out on Black Friday!  It was definitely crowded and some stores were messy… but hey, I had fun.  It's one of those things you should do at least once just to experience it and say you did it.  Plus it was just fun spending time with Michael and his mom =) We had to take the ferry over there, so I got to feed the seagulls who fly at the back of the boat.  Basically, they were CRAZY!?!

We also went to visit some horses- I met such a handsome dressage horse named Walter… and he loves licking people's hands!  It was so fun.  I love horses.


Maggie and Juni did really well on the trip. They met a lot of different people on their trip: Michael's mom, grandma, and great-grandma, plus a family that came over for a barbecue. Maggie did really well with everyone but Juni's just as shy as ever! They started bickering on the way home today, so I was glad to get them back into their regular cage (which is about 4 times bigger than the travel one).

I am very very grateful for family and making great memories all together =)


Welll I have awesome news for you, although you probably already figured it out from the title of this post.


working at a bookstore downtown.  I am so so so so so excited!  I'm gearing myself up to be super busy these next couple weeks, with finals and working and Christmas and then before you know it, it'll be next semester.  Time sure flies doesn't it?

And, 6 months ago today is the day that we began our life together <3 . I am so thankful for such a caring, compassionate husband who always supports me in all that I do, and is always beside me (usually trying to make me laugh!) I couldn't ask for anyone better, because, well, there is no one better! =)

So not too much else has happened since the last time I wrote.  I'm just getting so super excited to go spend Thanksgiving with my awesome inlaws! It will be fun/amazing/fantastic/etc.!

I've been working on my sewing abilities (or lack thereof).  I am improving though… I think.  So, I made this cutesy little sleeping bag for my pigs:

Sadly, Maggie is too fat for it.  Juni likes playing with it though.

an eternity later…

Well aren't I good at neglecting this blog?  I sure think so.  Yep. Practically a pro.

As you can see, we have a new theme! So exciting, isn't it?  Michael and I have a condition called "NERDS". (Never-Ending ReDesigning Syndrome).  There's just one symptom: never being happy with how your site looks and always wanting to change it. Ok so I made all that up. Maybe you're laughing right now. I hope so.

Anyway… so I'm about to attempt to tell you about our life, in summary.  But life is a pretty hard thing to summarize.


The livestock sale I was preparing my awesome bull ("Henry") for went very well.  I'd never been to a cattle sale and I got to be right behind all the action, working the sliders (basically, I let the cattle into the sale ring).  I loved it!  Henry sold for $925.

In other news, we bought a Gamecube for $3.25.  Sadly, we're still trying to figure out how to attach it to our monitor… ah!

Halloween this year was a lot different for me.  My family gets really into it, but this year, I didn't even dress up.  Some friends from the ward had a little party though, so that was fun.  There was even a competition where Michael had to plunge his face into a bowl of pudding.  You bet that was cool.

A couple weekends ago we got to volunteer to help set up the Christmas Store (an organisation that helps needy families "shop" for what their kids need).  We put all the baby stuff out.  Cute!

Of course, I need to give you a guinea pig update!  Maggie and Juni are doing well, eating about a ton of veggies a week, and are so excited for their Thanksgiving trip to Mom and Dad I.'s house!