Well, it's after 1 in the morning now, and I can't sleep.  I got up, worked on homework, and now I'm writing on the blog for your enjoyment (I hope).

Well, the biggest news we have for you is that…

Michael got an internship for summer!!!

I am so so so proud of him!  He is so smart! =)

Other than that, normal life is still going on.  It's week 10 of school, so we're finally starting to get a little tired.  This Friday is the big livestock sale that I feel like I've been anticipating forever.  My bull calf, "Henry", is -nearly- ready.  He's not quite angelic when it comes to being tame.  I am so excited to see how much he sells for, though.  He is quite a nice calf.

On Friday night I got to see my roomie from Switzerland (Amanda) and make Halloween cookies!! I must say, mine were quite scary and I had a blast.

This wouldn't be a real post if I didn't mention Maggie and Juni, of course!  My favorite little girls in the whole world.  Maggie's been picking on Juni a little lately, but that just happens when she's moody.  They just got a new bowl (shaped like a carrot) because I broke the other one. Oops!

(almost)weekly weekend update

Well this weekend was great!! We had Stake Conference for church, so basically everyone in our surrounding area got together for one huge meeting.  It's so much fun! I love church.

Today we went over to the pond with some friends and had sub sandwiches.  It was great to just sit in nature (although it is getting quite chilly here!) and enjoy one another's company.  There weren't many ducks around, mostly just annoying little gnats.

Michael and I came home and I fell asleep for almost 2 hours (sleep deprived I guess)… Then we had ice cream sundaes and went for a walk! I just love spending time talking with my sweet hubby.

In other news, although I'm not a huge football fan, the Hokies CRUSHED Boston College yesterday and we are now #4 in the ACC. Boooooo ya!

Hmm… so also this week, I got a 96.5 on a test, and then I (re)declared my double-major in Animal Science and French.  I guess we'll see how that goes…

A post from Michael!!

 Since I've never written a post on here before, I guess it's only time for me to finally do so.  I first want to echo the things that my wife just said in her post.  I am grateful for the chance we had to watch General Conference.  In a day of shifting values, of uncertain futures, and of unforeseen stumbling blocks, it is such a relief to know that there are the "watchmen on the tower" that are looking ahead, and are directed by divine inspiration.  In a time such as this, it only makes sense for God to call servants to help His children make it Home to Him.  People may think that He does not care anymore, that He has sent His servants in the past and that's it, or that He has turned His back on us, but I add my witness to the millions of others that know this is simply not true.  God does care, and He is in our lives every, single day, if we look for Him.  He has called servants to help us, and He has provided a way for us to know if it is even true.  This is the Book of Mormon.  What a powerful witness this simple, yet powerful, 531-page book brings.  It testifies that Christ lives, and that He cares about all of us, not just those in Jerusalem.  I am grateful for this book, and invite all to read it, pray about it, and ask God.  Don't take it from me, take the answer from Him.  If you are not scared to get an answer, do it.  It will bless your life, your families' lives, and the lives of those around you.  That is my promise.

Ok… that is that.  I just wanted to add my testimony to what my wife said.  Life for me has been going very well.  I had a phone interview with Vanguard on Friday, and it went really well.  The recruiter said that I probably won't have any problem getting a position working with them.  The next step is for me to attend an informational meeting at their offices, for which they will provide hotel accomodations.  I'm getting excited for the things that are coming up!  I also have another phone interview with Sapient Government Services tomorrow!  So, things are looking very good.

Other than that, we've been busy with work, school, and other stuff.  But, life is great.  Of course, we may not always know what lies ahead, but we can always know that things will work out somehow, someway.

Conference and dinner and sewing!

This weekend has been fantastic.  I love General Conference, when we are blessed to listen to the voice of the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Even in this day, as in the days of Abraham, Isaac, Moses, and the other prophets of old, we have the blessing of modern revelation.  Our General Authorities receive revelation directly from God to guide us in these tumultuous times.  The world is a rough one, and without their counsel, it'd sure be a lot easier to go down the wrong path, losing sight of what's truly important. I personally know that this Church is true, that our Prophet is called of God, the Book of Mormon is true, and that Jesus Christ lives. I challenge you to search your soul, ask of God, and find out for yourself if these things are true.  Read the Book of Mormon.  It is full of wisdom and guidance beyond anything a man on earth could produce himself.  It is of God. As Elder Holland reminded us, "No wicked man could write such a book as this, and no good man would write it, unless it were true, and he were commanded of God to do so". For more information, check out .

Yesterday we saw Michael's parents and Jeffrey- he's on his way to the Missionary Training Center.  We got to say goodbye for the next two years.  It's weird we won't see him for that long- but it's great he's going to serve the Lord.

This morning our car wouldn't start!  So we asked our neighbor to help us jump start the battery- she tried but it didn't work so we had to call another good friend.  I did have a lot of fun talking to her though, and I think I may have made a new friend =) I brought her some homemade brownies tonight to say thanks!

Tonight we had one of Michael's friends over for dinner, along with the missionaries.  It was so much fun!  I was in the kitchen forever though, but I love making things.  I baked chicken breasts with gravy, homemade mashed potatoes, and green beans.  We had homemade brownies and ice cream for dessert.  Everyone said I cooked so well! And I love baking/cooking from scratch.

I also finished my first real sewing project- a bed, or "cuddle cup" for my guinea pigs!  I think it turned out good for a first try.