This weekend went by really quickly- but it was really fun! On Friday night we rented one of the $1 movies from Kroger- we decided on "The Water Horse". Uplifting story, but as usual I cried at various parts of it.  I don't think I've watched a movie without crying since we got married.  Don't know why; I just always seem to find something sad in every film! Haha.

Last night we went and bought fabric for me to sew "cuddle cup" beds for my guinea pigs.  I'm very excited because this will be my first sewing project (not to mention I LOVE to spoil my pigs).

 Tonight I made some pretty delicious cookies- White Chocolate Chip Chocolate. If you'd like to try making them yourself, click here !

19 days later…

Well school has kept us soooooo busy, and as a result, I haven't blogged for 19 days! Ah! the world must be ending! Okay not really.

So I'll start recounting things to you, pretty much in chronological order.  September 12th was our "one year" mark since we started dating! For some, it may seem a little weird to have your one year mark after you're already married… but hey, when you know who you want to/should marry, why wait? Michael is such an incredible blessing in my life. So, we went out to dinner at Macado's! yum. It was nice to get out.

This past weekend, we went to visit my in-laws! I wish I didn't have to use the word "in-laws" because that often carries a negative connotation… and it was so fun! I love them.  In french, in-laws are called "la belle-famille", which is so much better, because it means "beautiful family". Family is beautiful! The francophones have it right.

So we went to the most family-oriented place on earth- the temple! Little Jeffrey is all grown up now- he received his endowments because he's going on a mission very soon!  I love the temple.  Especially being there with my family! 🙂

Well, the last few weeks I've been working out at the barn for one of my classes- I'm responsible for halter-breaking a calf. Mind you, this calf weighs about 500 pounds.  For those who aren't into agriculture, halter-breaking is just getting the animal used to wearing a halter and walking with it on when you're on the other end.  When you first start, their spirits are wild and they fight against you.  So, you tie them up for awhile, and once they're used to being tied you can start trying to walk them in circles… usually walking turns into tug-of-war with an animal over 4 times your size! Haha.

Anyway, I decided to call him "Henry", but later found out his real name is "Hummer" (Henry is so much better…).  He'll be sold at the end of October… you know, just in case you're interested in buying a Hereford bull.

So basically, that's all!  You're all up to date on our fascinating life!


So tonight we went bowling!! It was an institute activity and it was a BLAST!!  Who wouldn't love free pizza, free bowling, and fun friends?  It was really great to see everyone.

As for this weekend, not much is planned excecpt that we're going to a sheep sale tomorrow.  No, we're NOT buying a sheep.  I only wish.  I'm going for one of my classes, but I do expect it to be enjoyable.  So, if you're lucky, there may be some photos of that for you to look at soon.

I also messed with my camera today, so here's a picture, just for good measure.  Since Michael's already on this page, I need to add some femininity =)

oh school

Well, we've officially been back at school for a week and a half now!  I'm pretty excited about it and am happy to be busy 🙂  Nothing much new has been happening.  I guess I just wanted to give an update of some sort… and maybe put my homework off a few more minutes!