old mcdonald had a farm…

And TWO of his pigs live at our house!

Last night we went camping with the ward, which was fun… except we definitely did NOT bring enough blankets, so we ended up sleeping in the nice, warm car instead of our freezing tent!

This afternoon we met up with the very nice people who had "Patches".  They rescued a mommy pig, who had seven babies!  They just can't keep them all, so I am lucky enough to get one of the cuties!  I was so excited!  I brought Maggie to meet the two pigs I had asked her to bring down here, and she and Patches hit it off right away.  Maggie was licking her and Patches just likes to snuggle!  So we just let them play for about an hour, and then took her home!

I let them play alittle together at home, but Maggie's been a little jealous- she's used to having me all to herself!  So she squeaks for extra attention.  Don't worry, they're both spoiled.

And, since Maggie's full name is actually "Magnolia", I decided to keep to the shrubbery theme-so I renamed Patches "Juniper", with the nickname Juni for short.  Isn't she cute?


Last night we finished building the *new* guinea pig cage!  It's about twice as wide and twice as long as Maggie's old one.  Check out the size difference:

And this one has an upper level, with a ramp to climb up there.  In the back she even has a "kitchen" area for her food and water.


This weekend was so much fun!  We went to visit my mom and brother and we had a BLAST!!

We drove down there on Friday night, and when we got there mom had sausage pizza waiting for us!  And my brother-the-baker made cookies. Mmm.

The next morning I woke up way before anyone else and played with my dog, Socks, and my guinea pig, Maggie.  I had Socks running all through the house playing fetch, and later I told him to wake up Michael and Karl, which he obediently did =)

Mom made us french toast, bacon, and sausage for breakfast (except for Karl, he got pancakes…).  Yum!  Then we packed some of the belongings that I still had there- my desk, my bike, clothes- into the car.  Michael and I ate ice cream for lunch (cookie dough of course) and then we all went to the park to feed the ducks and enjoy the cool summer day!  Michael and Karl played football the entire length of the trail we walked.  Talk about skills.

We went home and played a board game of "Sorry!", which Michael won.  Then we went outside and I spent some more time with Socks.  I miss my puppy!

Mom made delicious steak for dinner, and afterward, Auntie Carol came over and talked for alittle while.  It was really fun!  Sadly, we had to leave, so we packed Maggie up and drove away.

I love my family so very much!  Check out the pictures from this weekend in our photo album!

Fourth of July!

Yesterday we celebrated our wonderful nation's birthday in a rather relaxed manner.  We mostly just spent the day together at home, but we went to thet town fireworks show over at the the high school once night came.  The show was amazing!  A true representation of our dazzling nation.   How fortunate we truly are to live in a place where we can outwardly express our opinions and enjoy the freedoms that so many people have fought for for each of us.  How grateful each of us should be!

Michael accidentally represented the wrong country… whoops.  Check out the Gallery for firework photos!

putt-putt, dogs and dinner!

Today was awesome!!  Michael was off work so we slept in a bit.  This afternoon Michael came up with a crazy idea- but wouldn’t tell me what it was!  He got me in the car and just drove.  And well… we went and played putt-putt! (which we’re actually both REALLY bad at).  It was so much fun to play outside and have time together!  He won by just ONE point.

On our way there I saw the coolest dog EVER.  Take a look yourself- he even smiled at the camera!

After I [barely] lost at putt-putt, we went to the Montgomery County Humane Society to volunteer!  We spent time with a lot of the dogs there and took two of them on walks.

It’s really a sad place to go- none of those dogs have families to love them, all because someone was irresponsible with them in the first place.  Sure, a dog needs food and water, but the biggest thing a dog needs is companionship.  None of the dogs there have that, and was nice to know that we could give it to them for at least a little while.

I walked a little sheltie mix named Rhett, and Michael walked Harold, a very old beagle.  He was so glad to just get outside!

Michael and Harold

Is this not the cutest face?

After playing with the dogs, we went to Olive Garden to celebrate (belatedly) our one month anniversary!  It was great to go out and not worry about cooking =)