today, as soon as michael got home from work, before he even walked in the door, i attacked and blindfolded him!  as shown at the left:

so i helped him go down the stairs, dodge oncoming cars, and according to him, walk really far (an estimated 3/10 of a mile!). 

Well… we might be married but we're NOT all grown up.  The surprise location……

                                 THE PLAYGROUND!

So we goofed off on the swings, monkey bars, and some rideable crocodile…  SO cool, huh?

a weekend on the river

this weekend was great!  michael’s parents came down in their camper and we went tubing down the new river!  we went down the tubing section of the river three times, and down the rapids four =) it was really fun just to truly enjoy summer- being outside in the sunshine is the best way to do it! nature always seems to have a calming effect.

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one month!


well, as of today, we have officially been married one entire month!  very happily married, at that <3 .

 Our new place is great and it’s wonderful to actually share a home together.

so we’ve enjoyed the major milestones: getting married, having a reception, and setting up house. but it’s really all the little moments we have together that are the most memorable, like our first time grocery shopping, making waffles in the morning, or laughing over my baking blunders.

there’s so much to learn about each other, and we’re definitely growing closer each day.  i love being married to my very best buddy <3 .

Just Married!

On May 22, 2009, I was so blessed to marry my very best friend in the Washington D.C. temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Because we were married in the House of the Lord, by the right priesthood authority, we know we will have each other for eternity, in our lives here on earth and thereafter.  What a great joy it is, to know we will have our family forever, no matter the circumstance.

Our wedding ceremony was beautiful and filled with peace.  I loved looking into Michael’s eyes and knowing that we truly were meant to be.

After the ceremony there were about a million cameras taking photos of us!   So here are a few for everyone to enjoy:




my new family  🙂